Pond and Fountain

Our pond, fountain and surrounding flower gardens have been a several year project. We started with a heavy black tarp in the pond because it wasn't holding water, the problem with that was that it was ugly and as soon as we filled it with rocks the tarp was punctured and ruined. Then emptied the rocks, tore out the tarp and we mortared the whole thing. Which, completely solved the holding water issue but as soon as we put the rocks in, the all settled to the bottom. SO, we finally took all of the rocks out, had the bamboo torn out and mortared the rocks to the mortared pond. We, then, mortared rocks on the brim all the way around the pond to keep the dirt and bark out. After treating the area where the bamboo was, we were finally okay'd to plant a flower garden. Next, the fountain. We scored with rocks that were already on our property and also rocks that were on the property of one of Jeremy's job sites in Washington. We've moved it several times and into all shapes and sizes. Finally we placed the fountain rocks in the position that we loved. Lastly we drilled a hole through the top rock of the fountain for the pump to run through and put some pond lights out there. With a ton of work and a serious process we are so thrilled with the FINAL product:

This isn't the "before" before but it was several years ago after adjusting several things:
Vent well:
More pond:
Final Pond Product:You can tell here that Jeremy has also edged the back lawn
Above you can see the hole that we drilled into the top fountain rock for the pump hose to pour out of. Below is my attempt with my terrible camera at showing you the pond at night with the cool pond lights:PHEW! We are so happy to be able to enjoy our pond area now!

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