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When Nic and Alli were beginning their wedding plans, I was asked to be a part of the decorations committee which consisted of me and another bridesmaid (another one of 10 I might add :). We planned and plotted and schemed up the best way to make her idea of the perfect wedding come to life in an economical way... I think we pulled it off:
There was a mixture of natural, store bought, crafted, painted, glued, dyed, sewed, pinned and chopped all done in beautiful Fall colors (orange, green and brown).

Here's a little bit of the process:

I went to Grandma's farm to pick some pine cones out of her pine trees. We painted them brown and added a little bit of metallic.
Next, I dyed some doilies with coffee (I put ground coffee into a pouch I made out of a coffee filter) and dark plain lipton tea and boiled it altogether until the doilies started changing color.
I also made the boys' boutonnieres. Here's what I started with:
Make sure the flowers you choose are small and gather-able. Glue the ends with hot glue (you will burn your fingers... sorry)
It's easiest if you have something to bind or wind them with. I used a leaf from the flower bundle
Use floral wire to bind the stems.
I made the place settings for the head table and also for the family tables. I just printed their names on colored card stock and matted them, cut them out and hot glued them onto skewers cut in half. I stabbed the skewers into fruit once they were on the tables
Since every table had a similar but not identical center piece, I was able to do some random decorations just in case there was space to fill.
I also decorated hurricane vases with ribbon, left over flowers, wooden G's, had J cut some tree limbs into tea light candle holders to place around the hurricane center pieces. I brought lots of mason jars, candles, moss, limes, tangerines and extra vases.
I love, love me a wedding project!

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