Are you thinking what I was thinking? Time for one? No?? Well, let me tell you as someone who loves a long weekend vacay somewhere atleast 2 hours away from my zip code, stay-cations are a force to be reckoned with. Consider the fact that when in vacation preparation mode there is a level of stress that goes hand in hand with the trying not to forget your tooth brush or enough socks, lists, planning, research, price matching, weather watching, direction finding...etc. Things that you undoubtedly need a vacation from.. on top of why you started the planning in the first place. Now you're limbo-ing under two heavy bars of reason for a vacation. Consideration for a vacation from your vacation start to enter your mind... Dramatic much? Maybe. But here's my point: when you plan to go on a stay-cation, your planning basically stops there.

My friend and I were in desperate need of a break. We considered going to Portland (a short 2 hour drive but still drive time that ate into our weekend), maybe the coast, maybe Central Oregon... All destinations came complete with 2 or more hours of drive time. We just didn't have time for that. In comes our stay-cation. We rented a room at The Hilton... downtown. The downtown of our town. Now what? Well, the easiest part of a stay-cation is planning where to go. We got foot massages at my favorite massage place, Footloose, saw a movie, checked in to our hotel, gave ourselves facials, went out to dinner, came back, slept in, went out for breakfast and came home! We knew where everything was and were able to just go wherever we wanted. It truly felt like time was on our side and like we were seeing our city in a whole different light. I came home so rested and restored. I'm a huge fan of this whole stay-cation idea!

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