House Update

My mom came to visit us in August (wow, has it really been that long ago??) and we had a massive to-do list that we basically tackled. We took a serious break from house projects after we waved good-bye to my mom. But, as any other obsessive, compulsive person would, the one remaining item on the list has been driving me crazy! I've been silently going crazy, don't go thinking I'm a slave driver with my amazingly talented husband, now. Speaking of Jeremy, he finally checked that item off of the list.

The entertainment center:
Can you believe that he made that thing? Pretty awesome.

Here are some other new projects:

This one was fun and basically free. The picture was hung all by itself until I rummaged through my mother-in-laws storage furniture and found the shelf, made the wire elephant, swapped the the potted greenery from the bathroom to the shelf and found this old hard back book about African animals at St. Vincent.

All of the movies are now in the entertainment center so I used the shelf to decorate! With a couple of more thrift store book finds that were theme appropriate and some decor swapping, presto!

Some exciting purchases:
I know that 24 is way too young to be this excited about these but boy o boy am I excited!

Our old fireplace doors were glass and super old and weren't functional at all. That and the glass blew out one night... Kind of scary!ACK! The new toilet is our most recent addition to the house. Imagine: a toilet that you don't have to squat over and that flushes without holding the flusher down for 10 minutes. Incredible!

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