No sew and Knitting

I saw this knitted scarf on Pinterest a month or so ago and fell in love. I love to knit (an art taught to me by my hubby :) when I can so instead of trying to find where to buy it, I figured out a way to make it. So much better!
This next project is for one of my best friends in the world, Kimmie. Kimmie is a beauty queen, a wonderful friend, hilarious, jack of all trades, Godly, committed and engaged to a handsome Navy man named James. I was asked to be her maid of honor for her February wedding. Of course, I shrilled an excited "YES!" As a maid of honor duty I am planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower. Her and I are equally un-thrilled with the selection of trashy bachelorette party gear that is sold on shelves these days, so away with the home made I go! Here's my first project:A Navy themed bachelorette party sash! She's a pageant girl so, rocking a cheesy/trashy sash would be below par. The best part about this project was it was all done with Liquid Stitch and Fray Check. A no sew project makes this girl a happy camper!
Here's how I did the anchor:

I drew an anchor on paper and cut it out. I then, traced around the anchor with a Sharpie and cut it out.
Then, I did the same tracing technique (but larger) in white lace. Next, I used Fray Check around the edges of both anchor and used Liquid Stitch to glue them together to then glue on to the sash.

I can't wait for her to try it on!

I love you so much and am so happy for all of your successes in life and for your happiness. You have had an amazing journey of ups and downs that were so worth what you've been blessed with in the end. I'm rooting for you and will always be on your team. You are like a sister and I promise to not cry the ENTIRE day of your wedding. maybe.

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