... was a frustrating one. I am looking forward to this weekend and 7 events. In one weekend. Sort of crazy, especially considering the fact that, that is not all that I am responsible for.

My morning started off so wonderfully. Jeremy went to yoga with me and followed yoga with coffee that we were able to sit down and enjoy together. That and this sun rise:
I took that with my phone, out of the window of the coffee shop. The live show was so much more brilliant. Great start, yes? Through a series of events throughout the day, my mood was drastically changed and came home with a full on pout. Not a great thing for Jeremy to come home to after his long day at work. This was also the first time in weeks that I have been able to greet him as he got home. I have been getting home much later than he does. That's not really ok with me either. More pouting. I decided to try to take a nap. Couldn't fall asleep. Naps are weird. Sort of in a worse mood, now. Then, I tried to be productive. On a normal mood day, this would totally cheer me up but since this was a very abnormal mood day, it didn't. I just kept thinking about all of the things that I didn't have time to get done and how things have been neglected. For example, I noticed that the top of a hung picture wasn't dusted and literally rolled my eyes. Ouch. I could drag this on, but you get it . Terrible. Mood.

So, what changed my mood? Here was my brilliant plan: as soon as Jeremy walks through the door, him and I are going to clean like there's nothing in the world we'd rather do, for one solid hour (we CLEANed the entire house, shampooed carpets and all), go for a walk to chat and de-stress, then relax/watch a movie/eat in bed for the rest of our night. He went for the plan (thank goodness) and it was wonderful.

And that is why our guest bedroom looked like this, this morning. We camped out in there last night until we went to bed! It was so fun. I never even go in there unless I'm hanging laundry or cleaning it. Also, we have a strict no tv in our bedroom rule and Jeremy has a strict "no eating in bed" rule. I'm definitely going to keep the guest bedroom in mind for the next "Toni's in desperate need of relaxation" night. In addition, I realized how much Jeremy has been spoiling me this week, so tonight it's my turn. Don't take your hubby for granted, ladies! Most likely, he is loving you in the way that he would also like to be loved. Return the favor and count it all joy!

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