House Reno: Summer 2012 Bucket List

"Hunny, what house projects should we work on this summer? What should be our goal to finish?" ME
"Why don't we start and finish the dining room addition?" JEREMY
"Yea, that would be really nice to have done." ME

(After thinking about it for a day or two I am regretfully excited to tell you that we will NOT be doing the dining room this summer. WHAT?? Well, Jeremy and I plan to have a very work busy summer this year. Logically, I would prefer to not get into something like an addition without being able to completely finish it.)

Boo. Kind of.

So, instead, we will be finishing a lot of the projects that we have started already!

1. Finish roof (we re-roofed over a year ago and it's still not finished), fascia,  flashing, prime and paint entire house.

For reasons like this ------>

<------- And this 

2. New front door installed, framed, trimmed out.

New Door:
(Something similar)
3. Finish (ie: wood floor/windows/trim/baseboards/closet shelf system/closet doors/bedroom door/everything) future baby room.
(Obvious "before" photos)
4. New windows in the entire house
5. Possibly finishing the front porch (post columns, railing)

So, there you have it! Wish us luck!

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  1. Good Luck!! I'm excited to see the finished products