3 month challenge

2 1/2 months ago I challenged myself to go without purchasing any personal items. No new yoga pants, strappy summer sandals, cute tangerine shorts, mascara, etc. 
{I was specific about those items because I'm in need of some of them and in serious want of the rest.

I have 15 days left and am finding what sort of things that I can live without. I can go without just as easy, now, as I could click purchase online, before. 

Prior to this purchase hiatus I did get a few things for our house that I love and am super obsessed with:

I LOVE legit candles. I need them to smell fresh, clean with not a trace of fruit or sugar. Bath and Body Works has my favorite.
For Winter:
For Summer:
and my favorite purchase: 
I love this rod from Pottery Barn

 I shrilled like a little girl when it came in the mail!

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