It's all in the little things

Today, I was able to work from home and check some things off of my list of to-do's. Typically, I have two types of lists for myself: 1. my daily lists that are created and achieved every single day and 2. my on-going lists that are for myself but are not time pressing projects or chores that can get done when I can find the time. Amongst the phone calls and email correspondence, I had laundry and the crock pot going, I got the house cleaned and the dogs bathed. I did some organizing and other general productive items on my list. In the middle of the day, I started noticing that there are elements of my home that made me smile. They are small but smile worthy. And if you're anything like me (quite particular and OCD in many ways, tidy, clean, etc), and are living in, what seems more of a project than a home, it is important to take note of the things that you truly enjoy about the project home that you live in.

 1. A pretty and small bouquet of flowers in a mason jar on the table (even though they're roses, not my favorite)

2. All of the laundry is done :)

3. I got to spend the entire day with my Jeremy's puppy. (he's normally with Jeremy on his job sites while I'm working)

4. I have been wanting to break up the sterile look of mostly cream on the guest bed and found this couch blanket at Costco. It's perfect and I'm totally going back to get one for the couch. It's super warm and cozy.
5. The entire day was over cast and very intro-to-Fall-esque. Which inspired me to browse for sweaters. I found these at TJ Maxx. They're perfect.

6. I, recently, found a way to organize all of my batteries and light bulbs. I can't tell you how much more enjoyable it is to reach for a replacement bulb or battery, knowing that they aren't unorganized or messy in their wrappers, but instead, in bins.

 7. As I was taking a break from the inside chores by throwing the ball around for Peter, the puppy, I noticed that our gardens and fruit trees could use some harvesting. I love eating the produce from our own yard.

8. I planted some dwarf curry and several different kinds of lavender plants in our front flower gardens and they are spreading and growing like crazy. The combination of the two are so beautiful and smell heavenly.

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