I am very excited to say that our entire bathroom is finally, completely decorated. I know that it must seem a little premature to decorate before renovations, but I couldn't help myself. And as with the rest of our entire house, the bathroom is a collaboration of DIY projects, memorabillia from trips we've taken together, and things (such as scenic wedding pictures) that have some sort of special meaning to us. Below is a list of pictures of the entire finished bathroom. EEK! First, though, is a little step by step of how to do crackle paint with Elmers glue (another Pinterest project):

1. I traced the letters to spell "sea" and an anchor on an old cedar fence board. My hubby cut the letters out with his awesome saw 
2. Paint
3. Decorate letters/anchor with Elmers glue
4. Once the glue starts to harden (a couple of hours), paint the glue with whatever color that you want to show as the top color
5. Watch it harden and crackle... Kind of awesome!

Bathroom Pics:

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