Projects: chevron inspired and nesting baskets

 Hello all! I realize that my blogging has turned into a consistent inconsistency. I do have several projects and vacations, etc to share. Be prepared, this might be a bomb of blog posts kind of day or two.

Until December, we had nothing to hide the wires hanging from the TV, and that bugged me. And, until recently we had nothing around the TV. Just a blank wall. With a big TV. That, also, bugged me. I had different intentions for the space around the TV then what we ended up with but as with most DIY projects, I switched gears mid project because: a. I can and b. my original thought was not working once it came to life.

For above the TV, Jeremy and I built a large 64" x 11" Chevron inspired wall hanging out of Cedar 1x4's and used old stain from countless past projects alternating boards or even splitting one board with a lighter stain on one side and darker on the other. The trick was to be as random and non uniform as possible. Even with the sanding.

To the right and the left of the TV needed something also. I have been looking forward to pulling the trigger on some non-authentic African style nesting baskets off of Amazon (shameful, I know... there are many wonderful websites that sell authentic African woven baskets by men and women in Uganda and Kenya... they were just a little spendier than what I was looking to spend) UNTIL! I found this link on Pinterest for home made nesting baskets.

The gals at Two Girls Being Crafty explain this process very well with step by step instructions. The only thing that I would add is make sure your patience level is at an all time high because the process of Mod Podge-ing and swirling the hemp (or whatever material you use) can be quite frustrating. Be liberal with the Mod Podge (it dries clear). And don't remove the bowl off of the bowl mold for a day or two, to make sure that it's totally dry and doesn't lose it's shape. I also sprayed mine with a clear sealant.

And finally, below is the product of the craftiness. I love how the snake plants and white elephants subtly add to the African theme in our living room.

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