Vow Renewal

No, not ours! We recently went to a vow renewal ceremony for one of Jeremy's clients. It was their 50th anniversary and they were the most amazing and inspiring couples I have ever come across. My father in law renewed their vows which I loved since I saw it as foreshadowing for us, he was our minister. We also saw an extra boost of cuteness since their actual anniversary fell very close to ours. Our first! We showed up not expecting to stay all night but ended up having endless conversations with couples that had countless stories with the couple of the hour, stories about wars, friendships, way of living, cost of gas, nudist colonies.. The list could go on and on. We sat at a table with couples (by looking around the room) had clearly the most amount of stories in their long lives that willingly gave marriage advice and inspiring words of wisdom. A man named Larry quoted Al Gore by saying "You can't be value free when it comes to marriage." I loved that and we've been analyzing the heck out of it since!

By the end of the night when most of the guests had gone home Jeremy and I sat outside talking about how in 50 years we want the same thing. To be well traveled, family oriented, surrounded by friends with more stories than we can count, and with enough love between us it becomes contagious. What an amazing example they have set for their children, grandchildren and friends.

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