Our Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is sort of a joke around here. There's nothing really funny about love, but the day itself is a joke. In fact it's precisely the reason why I hate roses (my florist for our wedding was shocked and very challenged at the thought of a no rose wedding with colors that were red/black/white), not a fan of bouquets or store bought cards, stuffed bears/animals/anything, or boxes of chocolate. They are all cliche, in my book, and I'm special enough to put thought into. Sorry, hunny, but you can't get away with what every other hubby gets away with on special occasions! Even the title of this post makes me chuckle a little at the thought of the day. Last year we ate in bed and watched movies, the year before we had a ginger bread house making contest followed by an eating said houses contest, this year we made crab legs and made our whole house smell like the ocean! It was fun!The process of cooking the crab was torture for our poor dog!
Isn't he attractive? I'm just about a hundred percent sure that the meat tenderizer was an unnecessary tool for cracking the legs open, but whatever floats your arachnidian boat, dear! (I know, weird right? I always thought crabs were crustacean!)

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