Day 2 of Vacay

After dropping off a gift at my sister-in-laws hotel for her and her a cappella group we went to shop, well window shop, on rodeo drive. I love fashion and am fairly competent in designer knowledge. High fashion is art. And the designers of these beautifully edified clothes are artists. I just love it. I'm not even a big shopper, at all. I can just really appreciate the construction of each garment. From Cartier diamonds to Michael Kors I was in fashion heaven!

The second part of our day was filled with all thin
gs Haley. I absolutely cannot describe the level of talent inside my sister. She has been described to have a world class voice by a very credible source. I am truly impressed with her leadership with her a cappella group "Divisi" (we recently went to a rehearsal of theirs and that girl knows what she wants out of her group and knows how to get it), her humility and her talent. That girl can SING. They competed at the Western Region's ICCA at USC and placed second. Jeremy and I are VERY proud of her and can't believe that this is her last year. I feel so blessed to have been so involved with her collegiate a cappella journey. Thank you for all of the memories, Haley!

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