Day 3 and 4 in LA LA Land

Day 3 was mostly a beach day. We got a grand tour of Venice Beach and all that it had to offer. And for a place with the same name as a beautiful city in Italy, this place is nothing like you'd think!
This is taken just outside of the biggest hippie drum circle I have ever seen in my life. Like hundreds of people big. There were probably close to 10 or 20 drummers and hundreds of people dancing and observing. It was a little overwhelming!
There were a ton of street side shops to browse through and people to gawk at. The picture of us at Swingers is from that day also. It's a restaurant in Santa Monica that a scene from knocked up was filmed at. ooooh ahhhh!

was all business...
...pencil pushing......and board meetings...
..but somehow we got through it allThe grand finale of our trip took us to sunny San Diego, where my aunt lives. It was soo good to see her and her little piece of paradise.

All in all I'd say this was a pretty successful trip. We had so much fun and got to spend so much more time together than we normally do, see people that we haven't seen in far too long, have some first time experiences, and support Haley and the lovely ladies of Divisi.


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