Final Bow

A couple of weekends ago was my brother in law's final formal performance with On The Rocks. It was also the groups 10 year anniversary and to celebrate they brought back over 20 alumni to sing with the current group. It was a night to remember and the 1200 seat venue was sold out and selling standing room spots. Kind of incredible!
The guys wearing green shirts at this point in the show are the current members. They had a full stage, as you can see this is a double arch.
The soloist on the right is my brother in law Jacob singing his solo "Then" by Brad Paisley.
It was incredibly surreal to all of us that this was his last formal experience with the group.
Jeremy and I are so proud of him and can't believe all of his accomplishments with the group.
On the Rocks has gotten a lot of publicity this year, and they deserved every bit of recognition for their incredible talent. They've even been invited to audition for NBC's The Sing Off!

(click on "recognition" and view their youtube video covering Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Check out how many views they've had. Almost 4 million. Not bad.)

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