It's no secret that family is among the most important additions to our lives. This is unbelievably true in my life. I am so blessed to have my in-laws near my home and so close to my heart. My immediate family is equally close to my heart but much farther from my home. A couple of weeks ago my husband and I traveled back to my home town, Bend OR to my dad's house. I love to see my dad, and we are fortunate enough to see him very often. This trip to Bend was very special because my Aunt and her fiancee were in town from San Diego. I haven't seen them since before they got engaged and it was so wonderful to see them. My Aunt Kerry and I get along like we're sisters and have a very special bond. I love her so much. And her fiancee is fantastic! He's hilarious and hospitable and treats Aunt Kerry like the princess that she is and that she's always deserved to be treated like. I am without words when trying to explain how priceless a genuine smile on her face is. It was so wonderful to see you, Aunt Kerry and Craig. I love you both so much!

This is the 4 of us at Jeremy and I's favorite park, Drake Park in Bend.
Craig wanted to make sure he got to do things "Bendy" so we had to take him there and Pilot Butte.

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