The Steinberger's are Now Toddlers

This about covers the trip I'm about to revisit. This past Tuesday my husband and I celebrated our graduation from infancy to toddler hood in the world of marriage. Yep, we turned 2. August has proved itself as a very busy month for us this year so we postponed our trip to Yellowstone National Park for September. But of course had to do something on the day of (and surrounding) our anniversary. So we took the day that marked our 2 years as man and wife as a great excuse to camp on the beach. Camping is an inevitable summer activity. Well, it used to be. We haven't gone once all summer. Busy bodies means no time to sleep outside. HA! It doesn't sound like such a bad thing when put that way, huh? In any case. We love to do it and have missed it this summer.We did some golfing, frisbee throwing, kite flying, shopping in Lincoln City.... and relaxing.

While packing for our trip we found one of the signs I made for directing our guests to the wedding site. We wanted to bring it to use it one last time before we got rid of it.
Apparently the sign was incredibly visible to everyone in the camp ground. On our first night we took the hound down to the beach and after walking past a couple two camp sites down from us, we heard a "congratulations, happy honeymooning!" It completely cracked us up for several reasons. a. (the obvious) it wasn't our honeymoon and b. who camps for their honeymoon? We love to camp but, honeymoons are designed to be a tad more special, according to us. It just struck a funny bone.

To My Dear Jeremy,
I love you more and more everyday. I am so excited for our future and what every day holds for us. I can't tell you how much I've learned from you, all are things that have added to my quality of life. We are becoming such a solid team. I have never had so much fun, love, laughter, music, appreciation for everything small and big, adventure, spontaneity in my life until I met you ... I am consumed with our ability to meet in the middle and see each other eye to eye. I love our friendship and our inside jokes. I love that you think I'm the funniest person in the world. I love that half of your ingredients fall on the kitchen floor when you're making me dinner, the effort is so appreciated and end result is always delicious. I love that we've blended 2 very, very different upbringings and took the good and made it great. I love your curly hair even though you thought it would prevent you from making friends when you were little. I love that you're a rock solid Godly man. I love that you always call our dog "hound" and think that because she is so sweet, so will our children be. I love watching you do things that you are passionate about and are amazing at. I can't wait to grow old with you, embark on new adventures, and create a lifestyle of not having the biggest house, or nicest cars but one rich in memories and faith.

I love you with my whole heart and with all that is within me,

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