Happy Birthdy Daddy!!

A couple of weeks ago my dad celebrated the big 5-0. I thought of some things I could get him, but thought it would be more meaningful if we surprised him with an impromptu birthday party. I couldn't come empty handed so I thought of something as equally surprising and meaningful to bring. A homemade cake, made by yours truly, in the shape of a guitar. The longest relationship he's ever had (excluding those with his brother/sister/mom&dad of course) is with his music. And for as long as I can remember music was not music without the strumming of a guitar.

It was a Thursday and we were leaving for Bend to pick up my brother and surprise my dad on Friday night. I had a whole day to get this cake whipped up. I started with making a homemade batter... turned out to be a beyond terrible idea. So, no big deal, I just ran to the store (I literally ran, the grocery store is like 40 steps from my front door) and bought a few boxes of cake mix... A few boxes too few, actually.
Here are the templates I free handed-ly cut out to fit into the baking pans. YES, the one on the left is a turkey baking pan.... I ended up needing 6 boxes of cake and 4 icing.. tubes.. containers.. jars? .. whatever they're called. The first layer was no problem. The second layer was a s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e. It worked out that I was the only one in the house because I couldn't hold back in the outbursts of frustration that came with lining up the second layer perfectly without breakage, etc.
First Layer.
Second Layer.
I made platforms out of cardboard and covered them in foil. Mostly because I didn't have platters that proved large enough to hold the massiveness.

After a ton of patience (this is why I enjoy cooking so much more, simply because it isn't a waiting game as much as baking is) and a cooled double layer cake it was time to cut.
i. was. so. scared.It ended up turning out ok! As luck would have it, the white chocolate chips that I added to the batter, acted as glue to firmly hold the batter together while I was cutting the guitar shape out. I just thought it would add to the flavor, whadyaknow?

Next step, icing. yikes. It didn't go well. At this point, the intent was all that mattered. I was okay with it being destroyed and ruined. It sort of turned from frustrating to a joke. Like, who on earth was I, to be attempting something like this?? really! But I thought if I heated the icing that I could just pour it over the cake instead of spreading it and getting a choppy ice job.
Just a teence better than I thought it was going to be.
Finished product.He enjoyed it, which ultimately was the goal.

You Don't Look A Day Over 35!

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