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Jeremy and I went to Washington in July to help one of my dearest friends move to LA. As a gift, she blessed us with a beautiful office desk. The desk is perfect for our business. We, then, moved our old desk out of our old office and created a weight room in the old office and moved the office into the music room. Did you follow that? We also did some painting/electrical work/outlets and plates replacements/slate laying/grouting in the new office, a face lift it desperately needed. In short, the desk encouraged some rearranging, updating, finishing and maintenance. The desk was perfect in it's original state but to make it perfect-er, I thought of turning the unit with the glass cupboards into a grid that holds rolled up plans for Jeremy's blue prints. I don't know why but I just realized how many ideas I think up that cannot be finished without Jeremy doing them for me. WHOA! Poor guy! He's got a long list, my thoughts never stop!!

In any case, here's one of those ideas that got finished.
Here are the cupboard doors that were taken off, I would have loved to keep them on but the rolled up blue prints are too long... boo
Here's a shot of the whole desk (note my little craft shelf on the right that could not be any more jam packed full of crafty thingys), also, don't pay attention to the mess... it's tax season... lame excuse, I know but it's the only time of the year that this type of clutter is tolerable.
Mid project.All Finished!!

Jeremy left some room on the bottom to possibly do some shelves. I love how it turned out and can't wait to get a label maker to type out addresses so we know which blue print is in which slot.

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