Revised and updated "my mom is coming" house to-do list...

...and probably the last list for awhile.

For those of you who don't know, Jeremy has been gone all but 8 days a month for the past 7 months and is just now home for good as of a week ago. It's been so hard for him to catch up on sleep and bids for customers while working and trying to knock some of these to-do items off of our list. I'm a big help but not when he takes off with all of the tools and when the heavy lifting is too much for my girly muscles to bear. In any normal circumstance I would be one-hundred-percent ok with casually getting these small things done, but in three weeks my mom is coming from Woodstock, GA. A visit that hasn't happened in three years. Yup, I haven't seen my Southern momma in three years! Since we got married, actually. It's a little unbelievable, however exciting and I'm anxious to get everything done with haste. I have promised Jeremy that we will be putting any future lists on the back burner if we're able to get everything done before August 10th.

Without further ado, here's our new and final list:

Weight Room:
-texture/paint/new light fixture
-fit all baby items in baby closet (they are accumulating elsewhere and it's driving me nuts)

Living Room:
-Touch up grout
-Build new entertainment center (seem unnecessary? Sort of, but J brought home a giant new tv and it is throwing the whole living room off!)
-Re-finish globe stand

-Trim around big window
-Matching table lamps for bed side tables

-Finish slate

-Make sconces (stay tuned, these are going to be awesome!)
-Bathroom hardware accessories

-Finish stools

J's Shop:
-Put up shelves/organize

Guest Bedroom:
-Door/door handle
-New closet built
-Wood blinds installed

-Pressure wash/yard maintenance
-Mother-in-laws tarp building emptied and moved to the back yard
-Burn piles (I'm not sure if we can legally knock this one off of the list, we are way past burning season)
-Vent well and walk way by fountain
-Plants by fountain
-Edge back lawn
-Seal/refinish chimney

So, there you have it. Our massive list. I have thoughtfully -insert cheeky grin here- planned several fun outings for us this summer to reward our hard working bodies. Hopefully we can get these things done and I'm able to relax and enjoy my mom's company when she's here. Hurray for lists!!

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