Green Juice: does a body good

My good friend, Chelsea Knight (also owner of Hard Core Yoga in Eugene... more on that later), introduced me to this yummy green juice. I made it for the first time this morning. I love it and could definitely see myself making it on a regular basis. I'm officially on my annual health kick.. It'll last another couple of months so stay tuned for more healthy ventures that I'll be on my way to exploring.

Green Juice:

1" piece of ginger - promotes energy and positively increases the body's metabolic rate

3 handfuls of spinach
- low in calories, very high in vitamins (about 10)

1 head of romaine
- heart healthy green, low in calories, high in vitamins (especially C and A), high in water volume

1-2 whole lemons
- the ultimate super food! Cleanses the digestive track and allows food to digest correctly, aids in the production of antibodies, high in potassium, anti-carcinogenic, acts as an internal antiseptic...etc

1 sm apple
- several micro nutrients, moisture, pectin, vitamins.. plus one a day keeps the doctor away :)

Throw the ingredients and about 6 cups of water into a blender or juicer. If using a blender, make sure you strain the juice coming out of the mixer into your pitcher. You don't want stored smoothie. Yuck. Make sure it's the consistency of thin juice.


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