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 There are few words that are able to summarize my family. Their diverse interest and ventures create the eclectically wonderful family that I was raised with. Although, two words that immediately come to mind to those who know us are: entrepreneur and philanthropic. Below is a letter, written by my cousin-in-law, that was sent out to loved ones. My cousin, Natashia and her husband James have committed their lives to helping where they are equipped to. They are an inspirational couple and have the heart of a servant. To. The. Core. I hope that this letter inspires you, in some way.

Dear Family and Friends,
Greetings! I pray this letter finds you and your family well. For those of you who may not know, I retired from Radiology in 2010. Natashia and I now work for a non-profit Christian children’s home called Joy Ranch located in the beautiful mountains of Virginia. Natashia and I are house parents for the teenage girls. God is truly blessing our time here. We have been working and helping train these young people in how to be Christ like and how to consider the needs and feelings of others.
One way in which I feel we are being blessed, is that we are being given the opportunity to take these children on a missions trip to the mountains of New York to help rebuild homes and businesses for those hit by the high winds, mud slides, and flood waters from hurricane Irene. They are still rebuilding as we all go on with our lives. This is an opportunity to help our children, here at the Ranch, put into practice the need and desire to serve and give to others in need.
We will be leaving on July 7th and returning on the 16th. This is going to be such a great opportunity for me and for these kids to be a part of something life altering, not only for those whose lives we may impact but also for our kids here.
This trip provides an opportunity to meet the physical and spiritual needs of a community that is desperately in need. More than anything, I would value your prayers for our team and those whose lives will be touched by God through us. I believe that God answers prayers, and I’m asking you to pray for safety, good health, smooth travel, and financial support. Just knowing that you will be praying will give me peace as we go into an unfamiliar place.
This trip is being funded entirely through donations and by those going on this mission trip. Every penny collected will be giving our children the chance to serve others and directly benefit the people in Prattsville, New York. I am seeking your support and prayers for this mission trip.
Beyond your prayers, if you are led to join me by financially supporting this mission, I would be grateful. Our group needs to raise just over $3,000 to cover the basic cost of the trip. We will have to be creative to raise the money, and I want to extend an invitation to you to participate. This is a journey that God has called me to and I would greatly appreciate any level of support you are able to offer. If you decide to support financially, your gift will be tax deductible. Make checks and money orders payable to Joy Ranch Children’s home. Just include my name somewhere so bookkeeping can keep up with the details. All funds that may be raised above the total needed will help someone else attend, or will buy supplies for the storm victims.

Again, I really hope things are going well for you. I’d love to hear an update on what’s going on in your life if you have the time. I will definitely be praying for you. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this letter, and if you have any questions, please let me know. Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon!


James Floyd

Ps: Joy Ranch is a Christian Children’s home that operates primarily from gifts and donations. Prayerfully consider becoming a regular supporter of the Ranch as well. Their address: 813 Joy Ranch Rd. Woodlawn, VA 24381

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